持續創新改善 全員追求卓越

Continuous innovation and improvement
All employees pursue excellence


Lasertek has adopted 5 major principles of AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (2015) to evaluate the degree of dependence, responsibility relationship, attention, influence, and diverse viewpoints between stakeholders and the company, stakeholders are classified into six groups: 1.Employees 2.Stakeholders/Investors 3.Government agencies 4.Customers 5.Suppliers 6.Communities/ National Sun Yat-sen University.
Stakeholders Meaning and Significance to Lasertek Key issues of concern Communication Channel & Frequency
Employees Laser tek pays attention to employees' competency and career development. Also the company ensures all employees have equal Right-to-work. Besides, the company creates a safe and healthy work environment to maintain good employers-employee relations . To fulfill Lasertek's vision together.
  • Employee rights and D&I
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Social Participation
Welfare Committee meeting / Monthly
Labor-management meetings / Quarterly
Employee performance assessment / Annually
Employee opinion call and mailbox / Real time
Sexual harassment reporting channel / Real time
Lasertek's Intranet / Irregularly
Shareholders/Investors Because investors are key operational supporters. Lasertek should give complete and correct operational information, it will benefit to communicate with investors. Advancing company creativity and resilience by multi-perspective thinking. Also, sharing abundant achievement with investors.
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Risk Management
  • Product Quality
Market Observation Post System and company website / Annually
Shareholders' Meeting / Annually
Investor services mailbox and telephone / Real time
Press release and press conference / Irregularly
Government agencies In addition to complying with government regulations, Lasertek actively supports government policies. Also, we keep attention to policy revised in order to arrange and legally operate.
  • Employee rights and D&I
  • Talent cultivation and career development
  • Social Participation
On-site audit / Irregularly
Official documents / Irregularly
Publish operations and major information/ Irregularly
Customers Providing various and complete services as well as understanding what customers thought for customers to fulfill high-quality products with competitiveness by core optoelectronic technology. Become the most confident partner of customers.
  • Product Quality
  • Ethical Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Technology and R&D
  • Information Security and Customer Privacy
Customer Satisfaction Surveys / Annually
Supplier Conventions / Annually
Mailbox and Telephone / Real time
Audit / Irregularly
Conferences / Irregularly
Forums and conferences / Irregularly
Suppliers It's important for Lasertek about supplier ethic, sustainable awareness, supply quality and technologies. According to Lasertek sustainable strategy, suppliers play an important role, as a result, suppliers' sustainable strategy, proficiency and technologies will be valued.
  • Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Product Quality
Supplier conference / Annually
On-site audit / Annually
Audits of new supplier / Irregularly
Suppliers training forum / Irregularly
Communities / National Sun Yat-sen University Making good use of enterprise resources to promote community development and share prosperity. Also, cultivating talents by industry-academia collaboration with National Sun Yat-sen University and devoting resources to education for local communities.
  • Sustainable Development Responsibility
  • Social Participation
  • Climate Change Adaptation
Industry-academia collaboration course / Annually
Telephone and Email /
Real time
Press release / Irregularly
Association activities / Irregularly
Company's gallery / Irregularly
Stakeholders Whistleblowing System
The Company to implement Integrity Management Policy established “Whistleblowing Policy” to strictly prohibit any violation of ethics and business conduct. Upon discovering any threat of involvement of fraudulence, corruption, violation of LASER TEK's Standards of Business Conduct, any illegal conducts or conducts violated corporate governance by LASER TEK employees, please report to us through the following access and an exclusively dedicated office (Internal Audit) will handle it.
Whistleblowing Channels
  • Telephone: (07)8159877 #1701
  • Written report:
    Submit a complaint written directly to Internal Audit Unit or any appropriate senior leaders or management. After receiving the Complaints, the complaint receiver shall report immediately to the chief audit executive.Address: NO.248-39, SHIN SHENG RD CHIEN ZHEN DISTRICT, 806, KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN (R.O.C)
    The Company handles the Complaints regarding matters as below
  • Employees' improper behaviors in violation of the Company's corporate governance policies.
  • Employees' improper conducts involved in fraudulent or corrupt matters, etc. which are in violation of “LASER TEK's Standards of Business Conduct” or any other government laws or regulations.
    The company's treatment of the complaint
  • For those Complaints not related to the aforementioned matters (e.g. matters related to product or service, etc.), Internal Audit Unit will forward such Complaints to other responsible units or parties.
  • Informants might be better to provide his or her true name and contact information to facilitate internal auditor's review of evidence, investigation, response, and clarification.
  • The complaints details shall be comprehensive and, ideally (Must include the name, department and title of the accused), be supplemented with complete, concrete, and clear evidence.
  • Internal Audit Unit and investigation team shall conduct investigation without bias and in accordance with government regulations and the company's policies.
  • The identity of whistleblower and reporting content shall be kept confidential, and the Company is committed to protecting whistleblowers from any improper treatment due to their acts of whistleblowing.