持續創新改善 全員追求卓越

Continuous innovation and improvement
All employees pursue excellence


The ESG Report has not been verified with a third -party agency and is only for the purposes of ESG report disclosure and stakeholders' reference.

Step 1 About LASER TEK

1、Please indicate your relation with LASER TEK?

2、Did you know that LASER TEK issues an ESG report every year?

3、Have you read previous LASER TEK ESG reports?

Step 2 For each of the following ECONOMIC ISSUES, please indicate how important it is to you.

4、Financial performance-Financial performance and overview of business operations

5、Corporate Governance-Governance composition and operation and legitimacy

6、Ethical management-Management of unethical behaviors such as corruption(like bribe), antitrust(competition restraint like monopoly)and unfair competition

7、Risk management-Enterprise risk management(including climate risk management and business continuity management)to hold on to every chance that enhance method and process of enterprise resilience

8、Cyber(Information)Security and Customer Privacy-The implementation of cyber(information)security management and protection of personal information privacy, confidential information and other related systems

9、Technology and R&D-Technological innovation and value creation(including patent portfolio situation) of manufacturing technology, process management, product features and service model

10、Customer relations management-Provide service quality that meets customer needs, such as a complete customer service system, satisfaction survey and complaint handling mechanism

11、Product quality-Enterprise products or services could consistently meet or exceed customer expectations

12、Supply chain management- For supplier selection standard (including environmental and social standard), audit system and management actions to promote the implementation of sustainable development responsibilities through influence.

13、Sustainable development responsibility-Enterprise sustainable development vision, strategy and performance.

Step 3 For each of the following ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, please indicate how important it is to you.

14、Climate change responses-Including identification of climate-related risks and opportunities (including financial implications), mitigation and adaptation strategies, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and target setting and management performance.

15、GHG Management-Greenhouse emission inventory and calculation, and various carbon reduction measures

16、Resource and Energy Management-Various measures of energy management, improvement of use efficiency of raw materials and renewable energy

17、Water management-Water risk assessment, wastewater process and other measures.

18、Waste management-Including waste reduction, resource recycling and related impact management(including circular economy actions)

19、Green Design- Incorporate the concept of life cycle management in the product design stage to reduce the degree of resource consumption and environmental impact in the process of manufacturing, use and disposal.

Step 4 For each of the following SOCIAL ISSUES, please indicate how important it is to you

20、Talent Attraction and Retention-Talent recruitment, compensation and benefits, employee retention

21、Labor relation-Smooth communication between labor and management, provide complete complaint channels and establish a complete investigation and handling system.

22、Employee rights and diverse equality(Human Rights)-Demonstrate the diverse composition of employees and ensure equal rights to work.(Privacy, personal information, child labor, forced labor, prejudice, freedom of assembly, and equality)

23、Development and Training-Employee performance management and development, career planning and development, training and education

24、Occupational Safety and Health-Methods for evaluation and improvement of working environment, safe and healthy workplace, occupational hazard prevention, and occupational injury mitigation

25、Community participation-We've been committed to community interaction, improving social harmony and charity.

Step 5 Other suggestions

26、Please provide any additional topics you think important here or recommendations for this survey:

27、Thank you for completing this survey. If you have any other suggestions, you are welcome to write here.