ESG-Sustainable Policy


持續創新改善 全員追求卓越

Continuous innovation and improvement
All employees pursue excellence

Sustainable Policy

For the sustainable development of the Laser Tek, on the basis of good communication between the company's investors and other stakeholders, the following commitments are given:
During the operation, on the issue of environmental protection, through regular monitoring of environmental hazards and environmental control measures, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and reduction of environmental pollution sources should be implemented.
It should fulfill its social responsibilities, take care of the company's employees with a sound and legal welfare system, and at the same time, it should give back to the society and provide appropriate resources and assistance to disadvantaged groups through various public welfare activities.
Implement the company's business philosophy, professionalism, integrity, sharing and innovation, and strive to make the direction of corporate governance more in line with the ESG spirit.
In addition to economic profit, we pay more attention to the development and common good of the society, focus on creating shared value, and achieve the harmonious development of society, enterprises, customers and employees, and improve the social environment and people's lives from the material level to the spiritual level.