Corporate Governance-Board of Directors


持續創新改善 全員追求卓越

Continuous innovation and improvement
All employees pursue excellence

Board of Directors

The functions and operation of the Board of Directors comply with these regulations and relevant laws.
All board members should possess the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to perform their duties.

  • The Company has established the “Rules and Procedures of Board of Director Meetings” according to the law. The functions and operation of the board are implemented by these regulations and relevant laws. The capabilities that the board of directors should have as a whole are clearly stipulated in Chapter 3 “Enhancing the Board of Directors' Functions” of the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles”, as a basis for diversification of the board of directors.
  • The nomination for, and selection of, the board members are carried out by adopting the “candidate nomination system” stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation. Aside from each candidate's education and experience qualifications, the Company also takes into account stakeholders' opinions and the compliance with the “Procedures for Election of Directors” and “Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles”, so as to ensure diversity and independence among board members.
  • 依據本公司「公司治理實務守則」第20條規範:董事會結構,應就公司經營發展規模及其主要股東持股情形,衡酌實務運作需要,決定五人以上之適當董事席次。董事會成員組成應考量多元化,並就本身運作、營運型態及發展需求以擬訂適當之多元化方針,董事會成員應普遍具備執行職務所必須之知識、技能及素養。為達到公司治理之理想目標,董事會整體應具備之能力如下:
Abilities required of the Board of Directors
Ability to make operational judgments Ability to perform accounting and financial analysis Ability to conduct management and administration Ability to manage crisis
Knowledge of the industry An international market perspective Ability to lead Ability to make policy decisions
Board members' professional background
Board members' professional background
Title Name Expertise Major experience and education 現在主要職務
Chairman Cheng, Tsai-Hsin 相關行業經驗(電子零組件/SMT、雷射設備);行銷專業;企業管理
  • Founder, Laser Tek Taiwan Co., Ltd.
  • Ph.D., Science Education & Environmental Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University
  • DBA, Business Management , National Sun Yat-sen University
  • President of Kaohsiung Entrepreneurs Association
  • 雷科股份有限公司董事長
Director Yang, Ying 相關行業經驗(電子零組件/SMT、雷射設備);行銷專業;企業管理
  • Vice president of business of LASER TEK Co., Ltd.
  • E.M.B.A., National Sun Yat-sen University
  • Assistant manager of TAIWAN KURODA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
  • 雷科(股)公司業務協理
Director Chen, Yung-Lin 國際金融、投資學、衍生性金融商品、投資組合之風險衡量與控管
  • Master's Degree, Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science, National Taiwan Ocean University
  • Director of Kaohsiung Business Bank
  • Chairman of YONG SIH asset management Co., Ltd.
Director Chuang, Yu-Ku 行銷專業;企業管理、產業知識、決策
  • E.M.B.A., National Sun Yat-sen University
  • 美萊國際(股)公司總經理
  • 節研節能科技(股)公司總經理
  • Chairman of Taiwan Germagic Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Independent director Lieu Der-Ming 國際金融、投資學、衍生性金融商品與財務工程、公司財務管理、投資組合之風險衡量與控管等,具備教授級專業技術人員資格及董事會多元化核心項目中之會計及財務分析、產業知識、決策、永續管理及風險管理等專業能力
  • Ph.D. in Finance and Economics, Ohio State University
  • 歷任國立中山大學財務管理學系專任教授
  • Consultant, Securities and Futures Commission, Ministry of Finance
  • 現任國立中山大學財務管理學系兼任教授(榮譽教授)
  • Independent director of Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation
  • Independent Director, CSBC Corporation, Taiwan
Independent director Huang, Lai-Fu 國際金融、投資學、衍生性金融商品與財務工程、公司財務管理、經營管理、產業知識、決策、永續管理及風險管理等專業能力
  • E.M.B.A., National Sun Yat-sen University
  • 國立中山大學投資管理小組委員
  • 宇高新科技(股)公司董事
  • 現任國立中山大學投資管理小組委員
  • Director, Liyu Technology Co., Ltd.
Independent director LIN,YI-CHANG 公司財務會計、內部稽核、經營管理、產業知識、稅務管理專業、永續管理及風險管理等專業能力
  • E.M.B.A, National Sun Yat-sen University
  • Head of accountant of PwC Taiwan Kaohsiung Branch Office
  • Independent director of TON YI INDUSTRIAL CORP.
  • 資誠聯合會計師事務所顧問
On August 8, 2018, the Company's Board of Directors adopted the “Rules for Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors”, which stipulate that the board members and the unit responsible for organizing board meetings carry out a “Board of Directors Self-evaluation” at the end of each year to assess the performance of the “Board of Directors as a whole”. The evaluation comprises 20 evaluation indicators across five aspects, namely, extent of participation in the operations of the Company; improvement in the Board of Directors' decision-making quality; composition and structure of the Board of Directors; election and continuing education of the directors; and internal control. The evaluation results are presented in either of the following five ratings: Very satisfied; satisfied; good; to be improved; and dissatisfied/out of control.
  • 2023 Laser Tek Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation
  • 2022 Laser Tek Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation
  • 2021 Laser Tek Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation
  • 2020 Laser Tek Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation
  • 2019 Laser Tek Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation
  • 2018 Laser Tek Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation