HR-Human Rights Policy


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Human Rights Policy

Enhancing labor rights and promoting thorough communication between the Company and its employees.

By strictly adhering to the “Labor Standards Act”, the Company has formulated its Human Rights Policy and the corresponding Human Rights Risk Register; in doing so, the Company has established management mechanisms on both the policy side and the implementation side, aiming to safeguard employees' human rights.
On the policy front, the Company has set up its internal regulations such as “Work Rules” and “Regulations for Complaint about, and Punishment for, Sexual Harassment and Bullying at Workplace” to declare its commitment to protecting employees' rights in terms of age, working hours, leave and attendance, and gender, thereby ensuring appropriate treatment for every employee.
On the implementation front, the Company has taken various measures to fulfill the various requirements such as freedom of work, humane treatment, prohibition of improper discrimination, and zero tolerance for child labor; in doing so, it has built a respectful, caring, and human rights-protecting work environment.
In order to enhance labor rights and promote thorough communication between the Company and its employees, the Company clearly discloses each service system through which internal employees may reflect their opinions or file their complaints; systems in this respect include the “I Have Something to Say Mailbox” and the “Whistleblowing Mailbox”, both come with the most stringent personal information protection regulations that ensure employees' freedom to whistleblow and their confidentiality. Furthermore, the Company also holds regular monthly meetings, labor-management meetings, and Employee Welfare Committee meetings to maintain smooth communication channels, protect employees' rights to association and collective bargaining, and thereby forge a healthy, positive labor-management relationship.