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  • LED luminaire series
    LED luminaire series
  • Air Purifier and Filter
    Air Purifier and Filter
  • GERMAGIC Long-term Antibacterial and Disease Prevention
    GERMAGIC Long-term Antibacterial and Disease Prevention

LED lighting series

Free onsite assessment, energy saving solution and customization service.

Exclusively for semiconductor cleanroom

Can be installed directly on traditional electric T5 lamp holder

Plastic and Aluminum V2 fire resistance

Ultra-slim, high illumination, full-range lighting

Can replaces whole set of T-bar fluorescent tube

Dual silicone/rubber seal waterproof design

Highly durable aluminum alloy shield

Free of ultraviolet light and other harmful lights

All-in-one passive heat dissipation that is free of thermal bridging

High color rendering CRI > 80

100V–240V 50/60Hz