CT 300


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  • Non-contact Profilometer
    Non-contact Profilometer
  • Optical Barcode Inspector
    Optical Barcode Inspector
  • Thermo-tracker/SMD/BGA/Dry Furnace PTF/Firing Furnace
    Thermo-tracker/SMD/BGA/Dry Furnace PTF/Firing Furnace

Non-contact Profilometer

Germany Cyber Technologies CT 300

CT 300
CT 300
  • 2D/3D non-contact profiling system[measuring]3D (x, y, z)2D (y, z or x, z), Height, Height (Avg), Length, Volume, Angle, Angle (Planar), Center, Roughness, Radius (Avg, Max, RMS, Rz), Roughness (Avg, Max, RMS, Rz).
  • Laser non-contact measurement applicable to both dry and wet films.
  • Multi-points automatic measurement available with analysis result.
  • Thickness measurement of thick film printing, hybrid circuits, BGA, TAB and FLIP CHIP.
  • PCB substrate deformation, quality inspection of semiconductor components and wafers, measurement of thickness and roughness of copper clad laminate, thickness of solder mask and silkscreen, bump inspection, flatness measurement of die attachment, 12"wafer warpage.
  • Semiconductor industry packaging and testing, optoelectronic industry, PCBs fabrication, SMT industry, hybrid circuits, passive components.

CT 300 CT 300
Geometry of LED devices Geometry of LED devices
Flatness of a silicon wafer Flatness of a silicon wafer
Warpage of electronic componets Warpage of electronic componets