CT 350S


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  • Non-contact Profilometer
    Non-contact Profilometer
  • Optical Barcode Inspector
    Optical Barcode Inspector
  • Thermo-tracker/SMD/BGA/Dry Furnace PTF/Firing Furnace
    Thermo-tracker/SMD/BGA/Dry Furnace PTF/Firing Furnace

Non-contact Profilometer

Germany Cyber Technologies CT 350S

CT 350S
CT 350S
  • High level 2D/3D non-contact profiling system.
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Profiling area: 350mm X 350mm.
  • Precise analysis and automation software
  • 【Applicable fields】 Thickness measurement of thick film printing, hybrid circuits, BGA, TAB and FLIP CHIP.
  • 【Application areas】 Semiconductor industry packaging and testing, optoelectronic industry, PCBs fabrication, SMT industry, hybrid circuits, passive components.

Product Description

Other Product Description

CT 350S CT 350S
Surface of an asphere Surface of an asphere
Flatness of a hard disk component Flatness of a hard disk component
Topography of LED devices Topography of LED devices