Vantage 2


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  • Non-contact Profilometer
    Non-contact Profilometer
  • Optical Barcode Inspector
    Optical Barcode Inspector
  • Thermo-tracker/SMD/BGA/Dry Furnace PTF/Firing Furnace
    Thermo-tracker/SMD/BGA/Dry Furnace PTF/Firing Furnace

Non-contact Profilometer

Germany Cyber Technologies Vantage 2

Vantage 2
Vantage 2
  • Laser non-contact measurement applicable to both dry and wet products.
  • Multi-points automatic measurement available with analysis result.
  • 2D/3D non-contact profiling system [Measuring]2D (y,z or x,z), 3D (x,y,z), Height, Height (Avg), Length, Angle, Angle (Planar), Center, Roughness, Rz).
  • 【Applicable fields】 Thickness measurement of thick film printing, hybrid circuits, SMT solder paste, uBGA, TAB, CSP, Flip/Chip, 8 Wafer Warpage.
  • 【Application areas】 Semiconductor industry packaging and testing, optoelectronic industry, PCBs fabrication, SMT industry, hybrid circuits, passive components.

Product Description

Other Product Description

Vantage 2 Vantage 2
Coplanarity of BGA components Coplanarity of BGA components
3D metallization measurement on solar cells 3D metallization measurement on solar cells
Thick-film height on hybrid circuits Thick-film height on hybrid circuits