High temperature N2 firing furnace


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  • Non-contact Profilometer
    Non-contact Profilometer
  • Optical Barcode Inspector
    Optical Barcode Inspector
  • Thermo-tracker/SMD/BGA/Dry Furnace PTF/Firing Furnace
    Thermo-tracker/SMD/BGA/Dry Furnace PTF/Firing Furnace

Dry Furnace/PTF/Firing Furnace

High temperature N2 firing furnace

High temperature N2 firing furnace

N2 Fiiriing Furnac

  • Modular system controller – guaranteed ±2°C temperature tolerance
  • Highly reactive O2 analyzer.
  •  Pure super-alloy Muffle material.
  •  Flexible and precise atmosphere control.
  •  3 axes driven mesh belt system offers smooth conveyance.
  • 【Application areas】 FPC and PCB industries.

Product Description

Other Product Description

High temperature N2 firing furnace High temperature N2 firing furnace
HY900-14MU-M13Z HY900-14MU-M13Z
Specification / Model HY900-14MU-M13Z HY900-25MU-M13Z
Overall Dimension(mm)(approx.) 9025(L)
Number of Heating Zone 13 zone 13 zone
Mesh Belt Width(cm) 35 cm (14”) 63 cm (25”)
Power Rated,220V,3P,50/60Hz(380 V,3P,4Wires is available) 65kW 96kW
Max.Process Height(mm) 25 25
Max.Process Height(mm) 25 25
Max.Speed of Transportation(cm/min) 20-200 20-200